Our Katchu is precious, elaborate, wearable and authentic
reproduction which is fully handcrafted


About Our Company
Our company (Fainefarm Inc.) was established in Kagoshima City in 2014.
We are mainly engaged in the business of selling environmental and sanitation products.
The products we handle include electrolyzed water hygiene environment systems, hydrogen water servers, insurance hygiene products, and oil adsorbents.
In a separate business, Fainefarm is engaged in overseas sales of products such as armor and other products from Marutake Armor Studio.

Fainefarm Inc. (Katchujapan)
891-0105 2141-1chuzan-cho Kagoshima city Japan - Phone : +81-99-230-7141 - Fax : +81-99-230-7142 - Email : info@katchu japan.com

About The Armor Workshop Marutake
The Armor Workshop, Marutake was founded in 1958 as Marutake, a fishing rod manufacturer.
It is the only armor workshop in the world with 50 years of manufacturing experience and a tradition that has existed in Japan for centuries!
The founder of the workshop, Shinobu Tanoue, started making armor based on his hobby and skills of "Hikari Shinobu".
Today, we create TV, commercials, movies, anime game characters, warrior processions, museum/cultural heritage designated armor and lease armor creation.
The armors made by Marutake Armor Workshop have been loved by many enthusiasts in Japan and abroad.

Marutake Armor Workshop's current lineup of armor is only a standard. We can create various armor designs to your order.
Our skilled craftsmen will carefully craft each piece of armor to the exact design of the real armor worn by the warlords.
From the cutting of a single piece of steel plate, everything is created by the craftsmen of the Marutake Armor Workshop.
There is no blueprint of the armor to be made, and each piece of armor is 100% one-of-a-kind.

The armor is produced in a theme park operated by the Marutake Armor Studio, the site of the former Kawauchi Sengoku Mura, where visitors can see the process of making armor for themselves free of charge.
This facility is a space for everyone to become familiar with armor and to view it.